Club Committee Listing – Responsibilities and Chairpersons


Responsibilities:  To provide, through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities.

Chairperson(s):   Larry Lozo

Committee Projects/Events:  Macomb Chamber Music Society Monday Night Concerts in August


Responsibilities:  To give primacy to human and spiritual, rather than the material values of life and to encourage the daily living of The Golden Rule in all human relationships.

Chairperson(s): Pastor Dave Rutter

Committee Projects/Events:  Vacation Bible School and Salvation Army Bell-Ringing at Christmas.


Responsibilities:  Develop and interact with Kiwanis Family organizations within the local school systems.

Chairperson(s):  Charles Hanson

Committee Projects/Events:  Key Club, Circle K, Builders Club (Click on the Key Club link for a complete description of what is available to all high school applicants.)


Responsibilities:  Service to individuals and organizations providing support and assistance to children of pre-school age.

Chairperson(s):  Chairperson, Sharon Gwizdowski/ Diane DeYonker

Committee Projects/Events: SCS Public Library Children’s Book Program, Gianna House Diaper Depot, and more.


Responsibilities:  Service to school-age children in our community.

Chairperson(s):   Carl Papa, DDS

Committee Projects/Events:  3rd Grade Dictionary Project, Special Needs Children’s Ice Show, Handicapped Children’s Fishing Derby and Christmas in August.

Through the Committee Chairpersons, recommendations are made to the Board of Directors at their meeting (usually held on the last Thursday of each month). The Board can make changes in the amount of support recommended by the Committee or they can deny the request altogether. Usually, the budget is determined by the Board at the beginning of each fiscal year (October).

If you wish to serve with members of a particular committee or to call their attention to a specific issue or activity, feel free to contact the committee chairperson via Contact Us to be directed to the persons listed above.