Promote Your Business

Let Shorewood Kiwanis help you promote your business in our community.

Apply to be a Business/Corporate Member of the Quarter and if selected we will do a bio about you/or your company on social media and our website.

In addition, we will also buy you breakfast and give you an opportunity to do a 10 to 20-minute presentation for our club. If you have business swag/giveaways bring them as well for your presentation.

And if that wasn’t enough…we will present you with a gift as a thank you.

Sign up today to be qualified as a Business/Corporate Member of the Quarter by filling out the form below.

Please complete the following to assist us in selecting our Business/Corporate Member of the Quarter:

  • Information about you and your company (a paragraph will do)
  • What makes your company different than your competitors?
  • As a Business/Corporate Member of the Quarter, what else would you like to see the club do for you and/or your company?
  • A photo of you or your company is welcomed


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Member of the Quarter

Our club offers our members a chance to be selected as our Member of the Quarter every year as a way to showcase who they are, what their profession is, why they joined our club and how they’re making a difference for the kids and community.

We are thrilled to have our very own Paul Grosshans as our first Member of the Quarter for 2023!

He was a teacher for 34 years and is now with Big John Insurance Agency/Aflac! He has six (6) Life stages that Trigger the need for Life Insurance. Call Paul today to find out about the six stages: (313) 331-7376.